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Good Friends Forever Time

Good Friends Forever Time


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Good Friends Forever Time Description

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How dare you hit him? Let go. Let him go. I want my son. Robin. Let us go games please games Faster! Faster! Faster! Mom! . Shut up! Mom! Mom! Robin. Mom! Ah games Robin. Robin. Shut up! He will fall down. Robin! Robin! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! My kid has fallen. Stop the car! Stop the car! I think she’s dead. Don’t worry. What are you doing? Take the gun. Put it in the same bag with the money. Get out when I tell you to. Slow down! Slow down! Not this way. That way. When I say. Okay? Jump! G! I didn’t do anything, sir. lam just the driver. The other guy did all this. He escaped. Take him away. Take him. Lock him up. Call an ambulance! O crazy guys, recognize me. O crazy guys, recognize me. Oh games yeah games Who am l? O crazy guys, recognize me. Oh games yeah games O crazy guys, recognize me. Oh games yeah games Superb. Okay, okay. Now out with the truth. How was it? How was it? I think it’s a fabulous idea. Superb. I hope the boss finds it fabulous too. You know how he is. O Raghu games You are sassing me. Where did you copy this from? Hey games it’s original. She’s going to live for a years. Yeah, baby! Where’s the emergency ward? Sir games Sir games Mr. Raghu. Yes. Your wife’s in room no. . Thank you. Sir, I received a phone call games games saying that my wife Misha met with an accident. Please, come. It wasn’t an accident. It’s a robbery case. She was shot. The patient is critical, you need to come this way. Misha. Misha. Where is Robin? Misha. You’ll be okay, baby. Everything will be fine. L games l can’t see anything. I can’t see you. lam right here, Misha. Where are you? Right here. I am here. Where? Here, baby. I am scared. Misha, I am here. Misha. Misha. Raghu games ‘An- games I can’t see anything. Please. Misha, I am here. Raghu. Relax. Raghu. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha? Can you games Can you call the doctor? Can you call the doc games Pulse absent. My son Robin, where is he? It’s a murder case now.

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