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Glamor Beauty Adventure

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  • Glamor Beauty Adventure

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    it had to be in the streets, ’cause Jesus roll with the suffering and the poor. Imagine, no more stray bullets killing innocent children like Patti no more. Bullets ain’t got no name. No eyes. That’s right, they’re just designed to take lives. Like they’ll take yours soon, son. Three places you’re gonna end up: County Morgue, County Hospital or County Jail. The people downtown don’t give a about you. You’re in the system. You in jail. And you won’t make bail. And it’s privatized now to capitalize. No more insurance card, no more family to feed, you’re hanging from a tree. You’re not even costing them money, you’re making them money. And nobody’s gonna hear your ing, ’cause this is a new legal form of lynching. This all you got, Padre Miguel? God loves you. I love you. And I believe in my heart that you have a higher purpose in this. I presided over your father’s funeral, that mean anything to you? That enough for your little collection basket? Thank you for the donation. Towards the , dollar bounty leading to the arrest of Patti’s killer. I’ll pray for you. Be safe. Hey, hey- Come on. Let’s go. Any chance you can pull your pants up? Yo, Ly, it’s me Chi’. Come to your senses? I gotta proposition. Speak. A showdown. A showdown? That’s right. Who? Me and you. I’m not going to shoot you. It’s not a death match. It’s a match. First one to surrender loses. You lose, you end all this. No charges filed. You make a public statement apologizing to all men. It’s over. Done with. And when I win? You get what ever it is you’re trying to do. Pretty damn sure of yourself. You are cruel. You’re unkind. I was fine. Without your love. And I kinda knew. I can’t unwind. Now I wanna dance brother Lee. I’m trying to move. By your side game Contact. There he is. This is better than the goddamn super bowl. Oh yeah! Put him on the griddle, dice him, slice him, bake him, stew him on his own caresses. Justice. I wish. I pray- We should all pray. What it do? Sup? Been a while. Three months, days, three hours, seven minutes and two seconds.

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