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Girls Party Time

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  • Girls Party Time

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    Girls Party Time Description

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    .It’s a printing press, dress up games. And word has it there’s a lot more type. Priceless, dress up game. Only drawback, dress up games, is its current location. Which is where? Hellfire Corner. dress up game, dear. That’s the Hellfire Corner, the most dangerous place on the Salient. Hottest place in the world, dress up games. Where life expectancy is about, what? seconds? If that, dress up games Girls Party Time. Well, it would be an act of pure folly to risk lives rescuing a printing press. So no sensible commanding officer could possibly sanction it, is that clear? Very clear, dress up games. Good luck, dress up game. Why do they call it Hellfire Corner, Sar’nt? Why do you think, Dodd? Dodd doesn’t think! Shut up, Smithy, before Fritz shuts you up for good. This bloody thing weighs a ton. If you drop it you’ll find out about hellfire from me. Now run, you bugger! Ah, well. So that is a hand jigger Girls Party Time. Pardon my French. God bless this printer and all the jokes who fail in her. Eh, dress up games! Careful of the printer. Careful of the champagne more like. Girls Party Time

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