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Girls Party Adventure

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  • Girls Party Adventure

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    Girls Party Adventure Description

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    That’s right. I didn’t see myse f. Keep going. An ashtray, cups, saucers, a coffee machine, three taps, a cigarette, a strip dress. And four wa s that surround the bar, a f oor under my feet, a worker and me, Pau a, who’s stuck in a desperate situation. You just throw words around. Do something with them! ike what, Bartender or Pau ? What does one do with words? Is this necessary? I sincere y think so. I’ try to make sentences, but I don’t ike to. Why don’t you ike to? Because sentences are use ess or empty words. The dictionary says so. But the dictionary a so says that sentences join words together Radio to give them fu er meaning. I reject your definition. Why? Why do you reject it? Sentences can’t be meaning ess and have fu er meaning. Don’t comp icate things. If you don’t ta k in sentences, I can’t understand you and thus serve you a drink. Then, Bartender or Pau , I’ give it a try. The g ass is not in my wine. The bartender is in the pocket of the penci ‘s jacket. The bar gives the young ady a few kicks. The f oor is stubb out on the cigarette. The tab es are on the g asses. The cei ing hangs from the amp. The window ooks into the young ady’s eyes. I open them, and the door sits on the stoo. The te ephone has three bars. The coffee fi s with vodka. The Cinzano has four wa s around it Radio but the dictionary has on y three windows: one sash window and two French windows. The doors jump out the window. The bartender fi s a cigarette with his whiskey. He ights his tap. I am what you are. He is not what we are. They are what you are. I have what you have. He has what they have. They have what we don’t have. What’ you have? If anyone asks, you don’t know. Say something at east. “What’s the maximum spe of ove? Answer: mi es per hour. A mi e faster and you’re in a cock-up.” Very we. ARM TROOPS ARE PROTECTING CANDIDATES IN SUNDAY’S E ECTIONS Radio Say something at east. I’m f up. Here’s the address you wanted. Whatever I do Radio I can’t shirk my responsibi ities toward others. My si ence has the same effect on him as my words.

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