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Girls dressing Adventure

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  • Girls dressing Adventure

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    All right, then we all go. Dottie! It’s okay, buddy. Just hop in the back seat, okay? MUSIC PLAYING THROUGHOUT Buckle up, kiddo. Okay. ENGINE STARTS Giddy up, city boy. ENGINE REVS Will! You all right, Danny? Yeah, I’m okay, Dad. You know where you’re goin’? Yeah. You wanna tell me what happened back there? You seem like nice people. I hope you get back to that cabin before the cops do. If so, I suggest you head home. MUSIC PLAYING TURNS OFF IGNITION Why don’t you let my son stay here? I think he’s been through enough for one day. Come on, man. I don’t need him seein’ that body again. Thank you. All right, buddy, you’re gonna stay here. I’ll be right back, okay? Just keep the doors locked, and if you see anything, honk as loud as you can, okay? All right. Can’t have you tryin’ to run off, now. It’s just up here. Take me right there. Freeze! Stechel. Don’t do this. Don’t do it. Get me that key. Please, don’t do it. HORN HONKS ! HONKING CONTINUES Find the help wanted notice board outside Earl’s. Meet me there.

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