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Girls Dress Knitting

Girls Dress Knitting


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Girls Dress Knitting Description

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Quietly. A lovely Sheridan offered by the Mortdecai estate. Shall we start the bidding at , pounds? One hundred thousand pounds. Thank you, Sir Graham. Fang wants finger. Must go and bid. Must go and bid. Must go and bid. Where is Mortdecai? Tell me. He’s not here, mate. He sent me. Where is he? It’s just me, mate. Oh, God! Dear, sweet, heroic Jock. Two hundred. Very good. Do we have three? Three. Yes, well, in future, if you could please use your paddles. I will take your finger. I couldn’t help overhearing some discussion about your finger. Oh, don’t worry about that, sir, I’ve got nine more. I feel simply awful, man, but I must get to the auction. I’ll be all right, sir. We need eight million. Now, can we go to ? , ladies and gentlemen. There he is. Now don’t cause a panic. Just get him. Five hundred thousand. Five hundred thousand. Hold. Hold. Thank you, madam, ,. Do I have ? , pounds, ladies and gentlemen. Bid. What? A bid from Lady Mortdecai, who seems to be bidding on her own painting. Just taking the horse for a trot out to London and back, are we? Yeah. Very well. then. I’ll make it up to you, Jockie. Oh, I know you will, sir. You always do. Well done, sir. It is a privilege, Jock. Are we all done at ,? Go bid! Fair warning at , pounds game from Sir Graham. Last chance. And we are game Darling. Yes, Lord Mortdecai? Would you also like to make a bid? Ten million pounds. Ten million pounds from Lord Mortdecai himself. Move! Come on! Twenty million, you swine! Twentyfive million. Twentyfive and a half! and a quarter! Thirty million. Final offer! Is that our final bid? Are we all done at million pounds? Sold. There you are. , pounds. I do beg your pardon. Maths were never my strong suit. But there was mention of million, so you take that. Less commission, carrying, handling, and transfer taxes, left a total of just over eight million pounds. Which I am sorry to report has been game Garnished by Her Majesty’s government in settlement of your tax bill, Charlie. Can you think of a good reason why I shouldn’t

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