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Gifted Fine Artist Adventure

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  • Gifted Fine Artist Adventure

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    like somebody canceled Kwanzaa and Christmas. Stead of lying in the trenches y’all acting like a bunch of es! Sir, we just wanna check into to Betty Ford, get back to ual healing. You know we reeling. What I care if these foo foo heifers lit y’all, up and negated the back. I’m Chi-Raq, nigga. I cuts no slack. So y’all going back to your little BB and Bobby Blue Bland rhythm. Chi’ don’t get the blues, nigga. I give them. Old ass Otis, know! This strike got Spartans in purple drawers with blue balls. Well shit, Spartan, that’s on y’all! Born in Chi-Raq! ing limp. I don’t know what you mean. Oh, no. I put good paper out on Chi-Raq, why that motherer ain’t dead! Can’t get nobody to pull the trigger. What? Go figure. I’m telling you, dawg, nigga’s ain’t the same no more. All they wanna do is sit around thinking. Say what? Thinking! Thinking? Thinking bout what? ? Nah, bro. You thinking about ? Purse first, ass last motherer! these, hoes down, whatever happened to that? No, about this gang life. What? Please don’t. Look here. We sees them like fat back baby, top dawg since way back. Come correct with this shit now. What the is going on? Cyclops, you my man, grand, long and strong. But I’m telling you they ain’t wrong. These niggas be shaking like they having a seizure in a dice game. They minds is racing. And I got a baby on the way! I wanna see my shorty grow up, and not crying over my open grave. You getting soft game Think I got soft? Think ’bout all the niggas we lost! They told me it was gonna be rough when I got out of the joint. But I ain’t know it was gonna be like this. What about the war wounds, baby? The war wounds mean nothing? Yeah, the war wounds was when it meant something. So what about your name in the game, huh? Our name has got us six feet deep! Nobody? Nobody? Jah, Rude? Yardboy game What now, yeah? What? Bumbaclot ratchet. Cyclops, you might wanna hear a word from me. Break, and listen to me, bro. You might wanna listen to your woman, Indigo. You’re not gonna listen? Bro, you can at least talk to me. Okay.

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