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Ghoulia Freaky Makeover Adventure

Ghoulia Freaky Makeover Adventure


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Ghoulia Freaky Makeover Adventure Description

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law. We defend it. How did you even do that? Where did you learn the litany of spells required to even understand it? I’ve got a photographic memory. That’s how I got my M.D. and Ph.D. at the same time. What you just did takes more than a good memory. You were born for the mystic arts. And yet my hands still shake. For now, yes. Not forever? We’re not prophets. When are you gonna start telling me what we are? While heroes like the Avengers protect the world from physical dangers, we sorcerers safeguard it against more mystical threats. The Ancient One is the latest in a long line of Sorcerers Supreme, going back thousands of years to the father of the mystic arts, the mighty Agamotto. Same sorcerer who created the eye you so recklessly borrowed. Agamotto built Sanctums in places of power where great cities now stand. That door leads to the Hong Kong Sanctum. That door to the New York Sanctum. That one to the London Sanctum. Together, the Sanctums generate a protective shield around our world. The Sanctums

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