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Ghoulia Freaky Makeover 21

Ghoulia Freaky Makeover 21


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Ghoulia Freaky Makeover 21 Description

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Ghoulia Freaky Makeover 21I said, wait! Watch out. Listen, you are wrong apparently. I haven’t. Your husband is my father, and I would like to meet him. Okay? Either he has not told you, that he has other children, or you do so naive. What’s your name? He’s not who you think. What’s your name? Vivi game Vassiliki. Vivi or Vassiliki? I tell you, my husband is not the one you are looking for. We have been married for six years. He had previously never been married. If he had been it, I would not be here. At that time he was not called Christopoulos. He met my mother, Jenny, as she came from Albania in , Who? Jenny, my mother. She is Albanian? No, Congolese! She had studied in Tirana, to become a singer. He offered his help and put them in a cheap nightclub. The silly goose fell in love with him. He gave her two children and played sometimes her pimp. Until one day he disappeared and dissolved into air. We never saw him again. Indeed? You’re wrong. It isn’t him. Go. I’m not going anywhere. Go away! Call him and ask him. Call him! Yes, Lefteris game No, not really. There is a young man here. An Albanian. He does not go away. He says he’s your son. I don’t know. Yes, he came in. Into the house. Yes, he’s here. Please. Now. He comes. Prima. Is this the pool? He is out of service. What a shame. Mom. Can we play downstairs Playmobil? You stay upstairs and watch cartoons. Wash your hands, we eat the soon. Okay. Ms Vivi? If you had something for me, too? I have eaten nothing since this morning. Eggs, perhaps? Now? Okay, here we come. Are you the number ? Yes. You’re the next one. You said we’re on tomorrow. We have everything accelerated. Are you coming or not? Yes. Let’s go. Take it easy. How old are you? years. Actually, and , months. And you live here? Not here. I have lived in Crete. Now I do not know. A real Albanians then? No, my father is Greek. If he recognizes me, I’ll get the Greek passport. Vivi? Your father is here. Fast. Hey, kids. What happened? He came in and made a scene. You let him in? Yes. He said he was a courier and bring an envelope.

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