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Ghoulia Freaky Best Makeover

Ghoulia Freaky Best Makeover


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Ghoulia Freaky Best Makeover Description

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the doctor of death. No, I’ve never heard of him. Of course you have. He killed, like, two-hundred people, maybe more. He’s not, like, world famous, is he? He’s from your neck of the woods. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Well, there’s not a plaque to him. He’s up there. You’d be surprised. We’re never getting out of here. I reckon you made him up. Ten minutes. Kenneth Arthur Barlow. Hey, Ken! It still hurts. Yeah, that’s good, mucker. If it’s hurting it means you’re alive, mate. Alright? Stu. Stu, punch your card. My camera Game Game camera, pal. I need more morphine. You take the pain, Stu. You’re a big lad, you’ll be alright. Mark? No snoozing, boys, yeah? Prosser? You with us? Yeah. Y Game yeah. Yeah. Keep talking to me, Prosser. Talk about what? You tell me, pal. We could talk about the weather. Short, conversation. T Game tell you what, I’m trying to think if I’ve had worse birthdays than this. And I’ve had some shit ones. When I was eight, my Game mum and dad clean out forgot. All day long I was thinking they’re just pretending. They’re gonna spring this monster surprise on me. Even when I’m having my tea in the bath getting into bed Game I’m thinking, ‘These guys are good.’ Then they shut the door, turned out the lights and that was it. I cried like a burst drain. Then they came back in though, yeah? No. No. They forgot. But this is shitter. Well, we can do something about that, can’t we boys? Stu. Ken, Mark. Happy birthday to you! Right, come on boys, loud, Stu. Happy birthday to you! Louder! Happy birthday, David Prosser, happy birthday to you! One more time, boys, loud. Nice and loud, let him hear you. Happy birthday to you! Ken, let’s hear you. OK. Happy birthday, David Prosser, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you. Happy bir Game Tug. Stay on target, man. My leg still hurts. Tug, this morphine isn’t working. There ain’t no more, Ken. Tug. Tug, give me another stick. Don’t you drop. Just give it me, pal. Don’t you drop, Stu. Don’t you dare drop. You hang in there, mate. You hear me?

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