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Get married on the Beach Adventure

Get married on the Beach Adventure


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Get married on the Beach Adventure Description

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It’s my turn this weekend. You guys are so frigging cute. So, uh, does he have a brother for me? I don’t know, I haven’t met his family yet. Come on. How long have you guys been dating? It’s been, like, five or six months. Five or six Games You know exactly how long you’ve been dating. Come on. Six months next week. God, you’re so lucky. There is nothing worse than being single during the holidays. Here’s a novel idea. Why not just tell them the truth? What? No. Are you crazy? You do not, under any circumstances, reveal the November rule. Never. Ladies do not understand. They’re built different, different wiring. And here I thought you and Leah had a real shot. And we still might. I just have to revisit the situation after the holidays when the pressure’s off. You got issues, bro, deep-down issues. Hmm, married dudes, they just don’t get what us players are all about. I’m gonna break it to her gently. We’re going out tonight, so all I need is a quiet moment. woman Listen to me, my darlings. Okay, everybody. Look at your partner. Muy bien. Uh, fella. Oh. Good. Now, this is not your dance partner. Oh, no. No, no. This is your prey because you are a hunter. So, now, go kill! Go out there now and feed on the carcass of dance. tango music playing And dance. Leah She’s a little intense. Shh, I’m feeding on the carcass of dance. I can’t believe I let you talk me into this. Now, did I complain when you signed us up for paintball classes last weekend? You were a natural. I was, wasn’t I? I also still have bruises on my butt. It’s still a very nice butt. Thank you for noticing. Oh, look at your loins. They’re on fire, baby, so use them. laughs What Games What are you doing? What are you Games No. This is not a Chippendale’s class. She likes your loins. Well, who doesn’t? There’s fire in them. Dip? gasps Oh. Nice moves, mister. Back at you. All the girls at the holiday parties are gonna be jealous of me. Parties? Well, my company throws this Christmas gala every year. There’s a dance floor and band, the whole thing. Usually,

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