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Super Pink Flower Frenzy

Super Pink Flower Frenzy


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Super Pink Flower Frenzy Description

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Never, am I right? You’d think he is a total pussy. You’d think… You’d think he is politically correct, but… Listen, he is well-built. Yannis is really well-built. Fatih, you don’t even have to look at him like that. Follow his example. He’s eating gluten-free stuff. Just fight over a woman! That’s nice. The first and last time guys were fighting over me was in fourth grade. It was in fourth grade, I swear. Welcome to the show. It was… I had… It was in fourth grade. Two guys, Daniel and Francisco. It was total nonsense. We were just kids, it wasn’t even… They said, “We are fighting over Enissa.” I was so happy. I walked around the whole school and told everyone, “Daniel and Francisco are fighting over me… after sixth period, in the park.” I told everyone. “Daniel and Francisco are fighting over me. Oh, no, I don’t want them to…” So I gathered the whole school in the park after sixth period. You know what they did? They were there, standing face to face, and then they made up. Seriously, one of them said, “Whatever…

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