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Best Cute girl

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    It gets you horny, that’s all. What did she get for Christmas? Dolls. Really? My presents were better. And there’s still Grandpa and Grandma’s presents. What are they getting you? Playmobil toys. I gave your letter to Santa. Goddamn you. Your mother didn’t come. You can return to your cell. Wait, wait. No, not like that. Are you crazy? Wait a sec. . . You’ve reached the voice-mail of: “Jean Firmino.” Hello. Thank you. Why did you do it? Why did you come? Give me another shot, man. Make it two. Thanks. Stop it! Kiss me. Leave me alone! I don’t want to kiss you. Hands off. She said no! Get lost. What’s your problem? Are you reassured? We’ll see each other soon. Mrs. Amari? Hello, I’m the warden I know who you are. My daughter spoke of you. How is she? Getting her strength back. Good. And you? You’re the one I should be asking. Go on. I’ll wait here. Hello. Sorry, sir, you can’t go in. I came yesterday. A judicial inquiry was opened. Prison staff can’t go in. Could you give her this? I know she likes chocolate.

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