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Princess Date of marriage Adventure

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  • Princess Date of marriage Adventure

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    What’s your name?¬†It’s an outing. You know this special will be shown internationally, yes? So if your grandmother in¬†Gummersbach… didn’t know, well, she knows now. What are your names? May I out you internationally? Is that okay? What’s your name? No, I’m not… Am I cross-eyed, dude? There are so many lesbians here. Second row is answering, third row… Yannis is thinking, “Not bad,” because… I’m… Yannis is… Fatih is thinking… Fatih… Fatih looked over there, too. He’s like, “Just you wait. One night with me and she won’t be a lesbian anymore.” Fatih… No. Fatih has a very pretty woman beside him. She’s very cute. Are you together? Weird, because she is really pretty, and he’s, like, okay. No, he is good-looking, too. Like I said, the front row is screwed. So, what are these two lesbians called? -Come again? -Sunny. -Sunny? -That’s right. -Naddl. -Naddl? Sunny and Naddl. Yes, those are very strong lesbian names. Sunny and Naddl. I’m happy, I’m so proud. A very cool community supporting me here. I like it when…

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