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Best Yogurt skin care

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    A preliminary enquiry? Is it true that the inmate holds several jobs in breach of your jail’s charter? Miss Amari is with the maintenance department. One afternoon a week she manages stocks. I don’t consider it a fulltime job. Why didn’t you go through the commission for this post? She was the only one capable. We needed someone with a long sentence and who could use Excel. It’s rare. Do you know Miss Amari’s nickname? “The warden’s pet.” Does that mean anything to you? Are you aware of rumors? If I listened to rumors, I’d have slept with everyone in my jail. I don’t listen to them. Other than her mother, is she allowed visits? Yes. But I don’t know who visits her. Her private life doesn’t interest me. When we searched her cell, we found a mobile. Were you aware? There are mobiles in jail? Wow, that’s a scoop! Sir, we’re not finished. Call me “Major.” I run a jail. I’m in contact with prisoners, not behind a screen. I rose through the ranks. Today I’m a major. If I made it quicker than others, it’s because I use authority and psychology.

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