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    Anyone home? Elise? You’ll wake Louise up. You’re back? We waited for you at the station. Oh , I’m sorry. You’re sleeping here? No, you are. Nice nose. Can you tell me what I’m doing here? Prison authorities were notified of problems within your center. What problems? Have a seat. I don’t have much time. What do you want? Sit down and let me ask the questions. Would you like some coffee? No, thank you. Where were you on June ? How should I know? That was six months ago. You’d have to ask my secretary. Probably at the office or at home. I don’t know. You didn’t go to an inmate’s trial? Which one? You go to court that often? It happens. Like to the hospital? Mr. Firmino Major. Major Firmino. We received a letter from an ex-inmate who denounced your close relations with another inmate, Miss Amari. You don’t take that seriously? That girl is trouble. You know who I mean? She threatened me if I transferred her. It’s not unusual. During your absence, we opened a preliminary enquiry. Others have complained too.

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