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Fast Shopping Time

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  • Fast Shopping Time

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    Good night, Philip. Idiot. Idiot, idiot. What shall we give her? Think of a figure that you consider fair and reasonable. Very well. Have you done it? I have. It’s in your head? It is. Double it. If we’re going to do this, we have to do it properly. How Ambrose would have done it. As you wish. Write the letter. Now? Oh! Were we expecting you today? I’ve just, uh Will you take something? I’m but thanks. Did he give you coffee? Glad to see you’ve cheered up. What do you mean? Yesterday. You seemed all down in the dumps. I’m amazed you noticed. We all did. I’m surprised the Pascoe girls didn’t remark on it. Thank you. Well, the Pascoe girls were probably far too busy remarking on something else. What? How easy it must be for a woman like your cousin Rachel to twist you around her little finger. Get on. Where is she? In the kitchen. Doing what? Hard to tell. I do hope you don’t mind. Not at all. What is it? Tisana. It’s Italian tea, infusions made from these herbs. Here, try. Try. It’s, um, disgusting. It’s good for you.

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