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Diva Makeover Adventure

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  • Diva Makeover Adventure

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    Diva Makeover Adventure Description

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    and her mother before her. That’s why I was so proud and happy to wear them. Had I been married here and not in Italy, I should have worn them too. Don’t be sad. Happy Christmas, dear, dear Philip. We must go back to the party because the guests are waiting for you. Happy Christmas, Philip. By rights, the jewels are yours anyway. Not just the jewels, everything. I’m sure there must be a will. There was. Ah-ha. But it was never signed. Do you have it? Can I see it? He leaves you everything. But it’s not signed. So? It’s his handwriting. January. Do you know why he chose January to make his will? And then chose not to sign it? I lost a child. Something else died, too. What? Hope? I don’t know. His belief in me, in us. It made him ill. I’d never felt so alone. One day, I woke up and I found myself living with a stranger who hated me and wanted to hurt me. There is no bitter feeling in this house. You belong here now. Just as he did. Thank you. There doesn’t appear to be any proviso should Mrs. Ashley marry again.

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