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Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa Time

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  • Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa Time

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    Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa Time Description

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    So I was asking at this stall and that’s when I heard his voice. Whose voice? Sir’s, of course. He was taking off his overcoat in this weather! God help the man who stops me, he shouted, and then he threw the coat to the ground just like King Lear in the storm scene. Look at it. I don’t know that I’ll ever get it clean. And he was so proud of it, do you remember game ? Oh, no, perhaps it was before your time. The first Canadian tour, Toronto. What happened after he took off his coat? Started on the hat! Dunn’s, Piccadilly, only a year ago, down on the coat it went and he jumped on it, he stamped on his hat, viciously stamped on his hat. Well, you can see. Then he lifted his arms in the air like he does to convey sterility into Goneril’s womb, How much further do you want me to go? His fingers were all of a fidget, undoing his jacket, loosening his collar and tie, tearing at the buttons of his shirt. Were there many people about? A small crowd. That’s why I ran to him. I didn’t want him to stand there looking ridiculous with people all around, sniggering. Did he see you? Did he know who you were? I didn’t wait to find out. I just took his hand and I said, Good evening, Sir, shouldn’t we be getting to the theatre? in my best nanny voice, the one I use when he’s being wayward. He paid no attention. He was shivering. You shouldn’t have let the public see him like that. It’s easy to be wise after the event, if you don’t mind my saying so, Your Ladyship, but I tried to spirit him away, not easy with a man of his proportions. Only, just then game .. a woman approached, quite old, wearing bombazine under a tweed coat but perfectly respectable. She’d picked up his clothes and wanted to help him dress. And Sir said to the lady, Thank you, my dear, but Norman usually helps me. I’d be lost without Norman, and I thought, Well, this is your cue, ducky, so I said, I’m Norman, I’m his dresser. And the woman, she had her hair in curlers, she took his hand, she kissed it, and she said, You was lovely in The Corsican Brothers. He looked at

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