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Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa 2

Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa 2


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Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa 2 Description

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Fynsy’s Wedding Salon Elsa 2 And I thought that Bruno wouldn’t mind game I wasn’t expecting to find anybody here. Yeah, well, why should you? Yeah. That’s why the gun. Yeah, I can see that. I mean, it’s a social call, isn’t it? I mean, you drop in on a friend, and you know the flat should be empty game and, you find this bugger installed here. Well, naturally you’re gonna game Well, I mean, if you’re game if you’re carrying one. Means nothing? That’s clear. Australian Rules. I get ’em sent over every week. My name’s Harry. I know Mitch. I don’t know you though, mate, do I? No. Oh. I don’t know you either. But game what’s in a name? Three friends of, Bruno’s game All friends of Bruno’s. Good old Bruno. How’s it been, Mitch? My name’s Willie Parker. You’ve probably read about me in the paper. You bastard. I didn’t hear that, Mitch. He’s a joker, right? He’s a bloody clown. I swear to you, Mitch. I never heard his name. Willie Parker. Shut up. Shut up! What are you trying to do to me? Not trying to do anything to you, Harry. I don’t know you’re on a job. I don’t know nothing. I haven’t read the paper. I’ll burn the ing paper. No, look. Don’t. Maggie, I want you to meet some friends. Amigos, okay? Son buenos amigos. Mi estimado amigo Mr. Mitchell game and, these are some other friends. Hola. Won’t be for us. I don’t take calls here. Look. Why don’t we game Why don’t we have a beer? Nice, cold beer all around. Talk this thing out. I could do with a beer, Mr. Braddock. Great. That’s what we need. And we can sort it all out. Nothing for him. Oh, let bygones be bygones. A beer, a chat. Maggie, tres cervezas. Pronto. Okay? Sit, sit. Get comfy. She’s called Maggie? Magdalena María Victoria Morales. Beautiful, isn’t it? But a mouthful. I call her Maggie. She’s been with me for a year. Best year I ever had. How old would you say she was? I don’t give a toss how old she is. Nineteen? How about ? How about ? Not bad for an old fart, is it? I suppose you’re wondering what she sees in me. Well game money obviously, but it’s more than that. It’s a real bond.

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