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Futuristic Style Adventures Time

Futuristic Style Adventures Time


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Futuristic Style Adventures Time Description

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What page is that? I’m on page , here. It’s fantastic. Look, look. It’s about this evil science teacher who looks a lot like you, by the way. And he wanted to rid the world of laughter but he couldn’t figure out how to do it. Even worse, it seemed like everywhere he went, people were having fun and laughing. It just was infuriating. But then, he discovered someone who wasn’t. Why is it funny? Anti-Humor Boy! And then the professor says, “Very interesting.” That’s my voice for him. Wait, wait, wait. Gimme that. That’s no Anti-Humor Boy. That’s the suck up from cl. Very interesting. You boys don’t even realize it but your silly comic book just helped me figure out how to wipe out laughter on the Oof! Out of the road, bozo! Hey, watch where you’re going! You just hit Professor Poopypants. Poopypants? That’s not funny! That’s not funny! Ever heard of the sidewalk? Oh, if I had insurance, you’d be in Ow! I’ll admit that was surprising. Wow. That actually worked out for once. Good job, Captain Underpants. At your service, sidekicks. Now where was I?

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