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Futuristic Style Adventures 2015

Futuristic Style Adventures 2015


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Futuristic Style Adventures 2015 Description

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Futuristic Style Adventures 2015 Ody, do you hear me? Yes. Did you like it? Favour? You’ve swept them away. You’ve sung better than Jenny. What did the jury? The Children. It is enough! What’s going on? Dany, talk! Hands up! I said hands up! Ms Vivi. Yes? Where are you? Who is Vivi? All is well. What was that just now? Nothing. It’s all good. Where are you? You went looking for him. Shit, shit, shit. What did they say? We wanted to go there together! Please do not do anything stupid! I’m already on the way! Where are you? In Panorama. Metaxa Street Take a taxi, costs about Euros. Who is coming? Your other son. Who? Ms Vivi. Ms Vivi. Stop it, so to speak formally. I have no nerves for it. Jenny has taught us, to respect older women. She hated to great intimacy, especially with strangers. Is there something sweet? What? Something sweet, from the children. Candies, chocolates, lollipops game Super, these I like best. Can you open it? Thank You. Take off your jacket. What? Your jacket. Take it off! All right. Your shirt too. What? Take off your shirt. Why? Because I said so! Basta. Take it off! Do you shave? Ms Vivi, he shaves? First, ask who it is. Who’s there? Odysseas. Open. Quick! Ody, here in the living room! He shaves, the fagot. I do not. You lied to me. Yes, you would have thrown it away. Give me the gun. No, he will kill us! Give it to me! He says, he isn’t it. He is it, true? In any case, he is not the one who brought you into bed. What? That was Tassos. The “Nameless” has cared a damn. My boy, you seem to be reasonable. Your brother shot. It had almost been a bloodbath. It was not my fault. He wanted to kill me! I want to get this done. Your brother is out of mind. Do you understand? What do you mean? He is crazy. He’s talking nonsense. What kind of stuff? That I am your father. Aren’t you? That’s him, Ody, that’s him! No, I’m not! And if it’s you? What should I be? This is crazy. And if it is you? Look at me. Is it me? Do you remember me? Tell him, Ody! And you? Do you remember me? What? You. Do you remember me? Your are out of mind. Damn.

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