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Fun And Sun Adventure

Fun And Sun Adventure


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Fun And Sun Adventure Description

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I’ll do it. Put it over there, please. Thank you. Enjoy yourself. Behind that car over there. This is Federico’s fiancee. What a chick! What sort of place is this? A place where priests usually do not come. Nor touch anything Radio You see? You brought Poldino here: “Let’s take him for once!“ Ah, yes! Now it’s my fault. Same as last year when we went to the theater. Anna Fuget was acting. It was and she calls it last year. Come here, Poldino, wait. This child! There’s atmosphere tonight. Mike’s here, too. You stay here, by the wardrobe. Like an umbrella? Like an umbrella! I’ll also stay here at the wardrobe. My ears are whistling. Give me a number. Seven. The G! They are speaking of me, Gianni or Giulliana. Better Gianni, or not? Hey, we’re not hereto amuse ourselves! Yes, got it. Let’s go in. The music puts me in a cheerful mood Radio I grant you this dance. You go and look that way. Oh, beautiful stranger! Pizzaiola! Too much oregano. They drug themselves with oregano. You are so adorable that Radio I’d like to make you one of those declarations Radio that are out of fashion these days. I’d like to be the sun during daytime, caressing your forehead Radio Kissing your mouth, running down your neck. At night I’d like to be the moon that wraps you in her silver cloak. Hey! Did you forget why we’re here?! Why are you so nervous? Relax, have some fun. That lies into your candid bed and sinks in your hair, scattered on the pillow. Oh, divine creature! Are you done, or not? Wait a moment! Saint Margarita! Oh, heaven! But Radio what? He’s a man! And I kissed him! This way you’ll learn not to kiss the first one that comes along. I’ve always relied on appearances, but Nowadays you need to check an ID first. The world is upside down! Father Bartolomeo, he’s here. Let’s go, Flora found your unworthy descendant. That is all. You see, it only took a few minutes. What did they do? Nothing, Federico signed a few papers. You wretched woman! And you let him? Don’t you know what those papers mean? That this beast sold the house

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