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Frozen Wedding

Frozen Wedding


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Frozen Wedding Description

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Frozen Wedding It seems to me, Charles, you’ve got two choices. I can give you the phone number of a woman I know. She works for the government. She listens to all these stories for a living. Or? Or, you can try and forget the whole thing. Go back to work. Later, go home, clean your apartment and see a movie. Charles, you never surprise me. Thanks, Henry. Believe me, Margaret will call. Mrs. Benjamin. Ah, this is Charles Bigelow. Dr. Hollister gave me this number. Yes? I saw something. Well, come on in. I’m on the th floor. Okay. This is odd. According to what we have, No one has lived in that town since , When it was destroyed by a tornado. You say your ex-Wife comes from that town? Yes. How long were you married? years. What happened? Why did you get divorced? Ah Game I don’t think that’s any of your business. All right, Mr. Bigelow. I’m going to show you some drawings. These are renderings of the most commonly sighted aliens. Look at them and tell me if you see anything that reminds you Of the creature you saw last night on the road. No. No. I’m sorry, Mr. Bigelow. It’s just a little joke we have around here. Why don’t you come with me? We receive reports of all kinds of phenomena here. As a scientist, you’ll be interested to know That most of them turn out to have very rational solutions. Just last year we had a-A rash of phone calls About a -Foot woman, in Oregon. She only came out at night, running down the highway. Running and running. We checked it out. Andrea Cribben. World’s tallest woman basketball player. She was in training. Then there was this, ah, small town in Louisiana Where it rained on the same -Block Game Look, I didn’t say it was raining in Centerville. Mr. Bigelow, if there was something out there, Don’t you think we’d know about it? I’ll have the marine show you out. Thanks. Betty walker? Yes? My name is Charles Bigelow. I’m a professor at Columbia. Columbia? That sounds serious. You’re from the Pulitzer prize committee, right? Well, what can I do for you? Do you have a cigarette, by any chance? Ah, no, I quit. What’s on your mind?

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