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Frozen Wedding Time

Frozen Wedding Time


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Frozen Wedding Time Description

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trusted anyone in years. It was a welcome change when they put me on terrorism watch duty. Every day I’d go in and I’d get starting points for SIGINT. Signals intelligence. A lot of them were American, which felt strange but you just keep reminding yourself I could stop a dirty bomb attack and save thousands of lives. Thing is, you’re not just following your bad guy targets, you’re also following their metadata. Which is basically, all the phone numbers that they’re in touch with. Let’s say your target is a shady Iranian banker operating out of Beirut. Okay, so, you’re watching his stuff, but you’re also watching all the people that he talks to. Including, you know, his cousin who’s just some dentist living in Buffalo. And then you’ve gotta watch all of that guy’s contacts. And by the time you go a third hop out from the original target, you’re watching this bartender chat with her mother about Botox. ‘Cause three hops from anyone with, say, contacts Radio you’re looking at a list of . million people. And there’s that moment when you’re sitting there and the scale of it hits you. The NSA is really tracking every cell phone in the world. No matter who you are, every day of your life, you’re sitting in a database just ready to be looked at. I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND THE PRIVACY POLICY Not just terrorists or countries or corporations. But you. Was Lindsay with you in Japan? Japan was difficult for us. I guess you couldn’t talk about your work. No. There was this one night, uh, towards the end, we were supposed to go climb Mt. Fuji the next day. Wow. Are you gonna post that on Twitter? No. They’re just for me. What do you think? You should delete those. It’s not quite the artistic critique I was going for. I’m sorry, you just Radio you can’t have stuff like that on your hard drive. Yes I can. Can you just please, I’m asking you, can you delete them? Russian hackers again? No. Is it us? It’s classified. Am I a target? Of course not. Clearly someone is looking at my nude portraits. Okay, I shouldn’t have

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