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Frozen Fashion Magic

Frozen Fashion Magic


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Frozen Fashion Magic Description

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Frozen Fashion Magic ‘ve been searching for you the whole morning young lady. What are you doing here? My job was done, so I was sleeping. Who approved that? Did you ask me? Anyway, get some sleep then Game Game because the princess has a few requests for the morning. You will take care of those. What’s that all about? How can she treat you like that just because she is the owner? Sahika is my stepmother. Is that your dad? Yes. Died four years ago. Sorry to hearthat. And your mother? I neversaw her. She died a short while after Game Game giving me birth. My dad was always able to make up for her absence. Despite everything Game Game I had a happy childhood. Of course until she married Sahika. Everything was okay until yourfather’s death? Sebnem created a few crisis but Game Game none of them were major. And then Game Game a heart attack. After my dad died Game Game Mrs. Sahika started to manage everything. Then the true intentions of the two became apparent. Why are you putting up with this? Why not leave. I was born and raised here. I have a different memory of my father at each corner. Plus I have accepted it. I don’t mind working. And even if I wanted to Game Game I have no place to go. I have no one. Well, well, well. It seems she’s accepting gentlemen callers. Yeah, she walks around like Cinderella during the day but Game Game No way of knowing What she is doing at nights. I don’ have any more patience forthat little rat mom. Don’t worry my little lamb. I know what to do to her. No one upsets my princess. Good evening. ? Hi. Hello. Girls. What brought you guys here? You guys smell sooo good We have been thinking with for the past two days Game Game how we could approach you guys. Aftersmelling yourscent I couldn’ resist I had to come. But, I won’t play fornothing. Loser has to strip. Don’ be a cheater, drink. Come on. Come on. Take it off, take it off. Drink, drink. Left is clear. Right is clear. What was that with Ercü bro? I totally agree bro. Did you see the shirt he had on? It costs as my much as father’s pension. google

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