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Frozen Fashion Magic Adventure

Frozen Fashion Magic Adventure


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Frozen Fashion Magic Adventure Description

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DEVICE BEEPING ATOMIC CRACKLING DRAMATIC MUSIC FADES UP Oh! Moving closer! Get everyone out of the water! Shark! REESE OVER RADIO You’re not authorized Games to be on this channel. Hand over your radio now! Kylie! Do you hear me? Shark! GINA OVER RADIO Get everyone out of the water! Kylie! [TROY] What are you doing? Fly the thing! Stop it. What are you doing? We need a close-up! You can’t get any closer! Yes, I can! Guys, not now! Focus! You’re making this way harder than it needs to be. This is incredibly difficult. [TROY] Give it here! Hey! Reese! Are you serious right now? Are you serious? What’s your deal, man? Reese, there is a shark in the water. I’m coming with you. There are no damn sharks! Yes, there is! Why are you doing this? There’s blood in the water, you idiot! We have to get the people out. [REESE] There are no sharks! Shark! Oh, my god! Shark! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Whoa, whoa, where are you guys going? Lower, baby. Yeah, time for the money shot. You can’t go any lower. MUSIC CHANGES THUD Shark! Shark, everybody! Come in! Come in! Let’s go, let’s go! Get out! Come on! MUSIC CHANGES SOFT DANCE MUSIC FADES UP Hey! Get in! Come! Let’s go! Come on! Come here! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Come here! Get in! ATOMIC CRACKLING Lower, baby. Agh! You can’t go any closer! [TROY] Yes, I can! [FLETCHER] I’m telling you. Damn it! Look what you did! I did it? Great job! Yes, you did! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Agh! I’m blind! Oh, no Games I think it’s reaching critical mass! He’s gonna to blow! SHRIEKING Did you get it? Yeah, I got it! Damn it! I know what you do. DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES SIRENS WAILING You guys okay? Yeah, well, the shark’s da’ bomb Games so I’m pretty much gonna need therapy for the rest of my life. You? Lost my footage. We noticed. We overheard cops talking. Looks like military’s coming in. That’s a good thing, right? Not really. The military’s gonna shoot first Games and ask questions later, but in this scenario there won’t be a later. What do you mean?

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