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  • Friendship

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    Friendship Description

    Life is made of blood and sweat We are poor but brave knights A noble life tuned to the clock It’s the rule here, you have to conform I dream awake, I swear Who says I’m dead, what if I disobey? Each of us thinks about no one but himself Be yourself, God is for everyone, the sun shines for all This country is not ours I realize the danger Watch out, no family here Watch out, the world turns nonstop Peace and love everywhere Just believe Just believe it Even through hardship We share the same ancestors But in this country called Japan our brothers want to rob us On the other side of the globe Our beloved Brazil We know who’s the villain Brazil, full of pride and love. What do you make of it? Not bad, is it? Dress Up Gamess are versatile indeed! Their message is the rhythm itself. But the Dress Up Games’s message was also strong! It’s top notch for Japan. I really liked it. I was born with rap, I live with rap The rhythm of rap beats in my chest Dress Up Games You dig? Take one. Still no work? How is it going? We can’t go to the construction site anymore. The boss has gone nuts, he’s depressed. What’s that over there? Construction of the Friendship Aeon KofuShowa shopping centre Impressive! What’s it for? A new shopping centre. And there’s no work for us there? No, there are contracted workers from Tokyo. Dress Up Games , Aeon Group. I’m sick of it. I’ll move to Dress Up Games with Miao. What about your wife? I’m beginning to understand her better. Me, I’ve never wanted children. She wants to buy a flat or a house. But I’m hesitant. We should divorce. It’d be better. It’s really surprising how much emptier the city has become. Life is hard here. And the work is exhausting. I’m not going to do this all my life. The money used to be good before. But there’s not enough work now. I should have known better. There is work out there, but not for us. My wife is a beautician, she imagines herself to be as rich as those who she serves. She and her fucking mud masks! I get more than enough mud at the construction site. True!

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