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Friendship Time

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  • Friendship Time

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    it hasn’t had any milk Games since it was born. No cows or goats around here. What can we do? Why are you looking at me? You’re its mom! I don’t have milk. It’ll be sold in two days anyway. Then Games why saved it. when it was ill? Because it cant be sold at a good price if it s dead. Then what is different now? Not died of illness Games but is starved to death. Turn around. Okay. And you all! Done. You like blood. So dangerous just then, What should we do? What should we do? You’re the mother! I saw a baby coming out Games from her mouth. A baby can be born from below Games and also from above. Isn’t that right, dear? What happened, honey? What happened? Do you have Games some food? I told you before A monster is a monster. Don’t drink blood anymore. You must learn. Otherwise Games people will say I didn’t teach you well. Understand? Your daddy, he didn’t learn well. That’s why he’s so dumb Games and knows nothing! Your mommy, she didn’t have a good education. That’s why she is always rude. What did you say? From now on, you eat fruits and vegetables instead. You will learn to like it. Look at those poor horses. We shouldn’t hurt them. you carry this all the time. From your lover? My father gave it to me Games when I was twelve. He said whenever I’m scared, if I play it, he’ll be there. Did you try? My father never taught me how to play it. That was the last time I saw him. have you ever looked for him? My father was a monster hunter. But he was killed Games by a monster. When I was a child, my mother suddenly disappeared. Dad took me to Yongning Village Games and left me there. He went away by himself. I don’t want you. Go away. Go. So the villagers of Yongning Village Games are like my family. Your father Games He Games Whoever leaves his son alone Games isn’t qualified to be a father. See, all monsters are bad? Even this little one will grow up to be an evil monster. Let me teach you. Not sure how we end up hanging together Games and be at the right time to see the beauty of the peach blossom.

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