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Fresh Start Makeover Time 4

Fresh Start Makeover Time 4


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Fresh Start Makeover Time 4 Description

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Fresh Start Makeover Time 4 I didn’t feel like it. I see. He writes he’d like to see you. You might apply for a travel permission. He’s doing much better now. You know what his conditions were. They won’t grant it to us anyway. Not to me game but you’re in the national team now. It’s worth trying. Good old B. Mum? Are you asleep? No. Even if I did go to Hamburg I don’t think we’d get along. Why? He’s your dad. He likes you. I don’t know. We talk once in a blue moon. Last year he forgot about my birthday. These things happen. It was so selfish of him to run away and leave us here alone. Well, it’s not like he left us here alone, in fact. We had a deal that I’d take you and come to him when he’s settled. But I wasn’t sure if going there was the right thing to do. Why? Didn’t you love him anymore? It’s hard to say, I don’t know. I game I wasn’t sure if I still loved him, if I could live abroad. I didn’t feel like leaving it all here behind. I also believed things would change here. Now I’m sure that it was the biggest mistake of my life. Women’s m race is about to start. Ready! Anna, mind the knees! Steady! Anna! Anna! ,! Excellent, Martina! You’re just a few figures away from the limit. Greatjob! Hi. She sucked today. I know. I feel like Anna refuses to cooperate with me. She’s changed somehow. Is it because of her boyfriend? No, not that. So what is it? I don’t recognize her. She was always so persistent. Lately Martina has been doing much better. I won’t be able to keep Anna in the Centre if she doesn’t deliver. She stopped taking Stromba. When? On Christmas. Why the fuck would she do that? Now I’ll be in a trouble. They’ll kick her out of the Centre and she won’t pass her next checkup. Did you make her do that? For Christ sake, no. Why didn’t you tell me right away? Because she wouldn’t listen. She’d rather get expelled than take it. Do you still give her the B? Yeah. From now on you’ll give her Stromba instead of the B, clear? I can’t do that, Bohdan. We must pull together. We both want the same thing. You want her to go to the Olympics.

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