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For the wedding makeup

For the wedding makeup


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For the wedding makeup Description

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Dingleberry. So how was your day, honey? It was good. What’s for dinner? I’m leaving you, Gerald. No, you’re not. What’s for dinner? There is no dinner. I’m leaving. And I won’t be talked out of it this time. No, you’re not. No, you’re not leaving, come on. I’m leaving. You’re just leaving? I’m just leaving. That’s so silly. What’s silly about it? I’m sorry. I thought these two were supposed to be married. That’s correct. No married couple in the history of marriage talks like this. Yeah, I can’t say it was working for me either. George, Edith, Game take the stage. Game No. Yeah No. Yeah. No, it was working fine. Make it real for us, please. No. No, Edith. Come on. Edith. Please. I’m going to give each of you separately an objective which you will attempt to achieve through an improvised dialogue. Yeah. Let’s go. Come on. Easy enough? Please have a seat. So, Edith, why don’t you try to get Games And, George Games to make Edith to go to bed with you, into bed as soon as possible. No. No. Give me another objective. Save it, George. You know the rules. Remember, just stay in the moment. Connect to your partner, and it’s all good. No, I understand. No, really, I need another objective. Game Give me another one. Game Come on, George. You are a successfully married couple. You know each other from the inside out. This should be a piece of cake. Please. Edith is trying to get George to bake a pie and George is trying to get Edith into bed. Trust your instincts and follow each other. Call upon your own experience and emotion as necessary. Okay? Please. Are you happy, George? Maybe this isn’t the right time, Edith. No, I think it’s the perfect time. If I was happy, would you have to ask? So we’re gonna be honest today? I’ve been honest every day of Games of this Games my marriage. I haven’t. It’s probably time I tell the truth. Go ahead. Okay. I am profoundly unhappy. And I’m lonely. And lonely. Let it ring. Edith, let it ring. You started this. Game I want to hear what you have to say.

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