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For The Wedding Best Makeup

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    A is for actor. And actors have to work, and actors have to put on their make-up and change their frocks and then, of course, actors have to act. Good lord. Zounds, madam, where dost thou get this knowledge? From a baboon, sir, that wandered wild in Eden. Or words to that effect. There’s less than an hour to go and you usually want more. So, come on, shall we make a start? Yes, it’s me, Norman, the one with the soulful eyes. There. Drink up. It’s tea, not rat poison. There you go, that’s better, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Would you like a biccie? I saved some from the mayor’s reception in Bridlington. No? Would you like one, Norman? Ooh, I say. Thank you, I will. If you don’t mind my saying so, Sir, there seems little point in discharging yourself from hospital and then coming to sit here like Niobe prior to being turned into stone. So, shall we make a start? No, no, don’t do that. That’s what I’m here for. HE SOBS Ohh! Oh, I know how it feels. I had a friend, worse than you, he was, and all they ever wanted to do with him was put him away. And no-one should have to go through that. That’s what my friend said. You know they’ll send you to Colwyn Bay and you never do any business in Colwyn Bay. And guess what got my friend well? Sounds silly this. An offer of work. Can you understudy Scrubby? Outward Bound, start Monday. He discharged himself, just like you, my friend did, took the train up to London, found digs in Brixton and never looked back. What do you make of that? An offer of work. It meant that someone game .. was thinking of him. It was ever such a comfort. And here’s something to cheer you up. A full house tonight. People thinking of you, wanting to see you act. Really? A full house? Now, shall we make a start? What play is it tonight? King Lear, Sir. That’s impossible. Oh, thank you. Oh, that’s nice, isn’t it?! People paying good money to see you and you say impossible. Very nice indeed! I don’t think. I don’t want to be seen. Well, that’s difficult when you’re playing King Lear with the lighting you use. I don’t want to see her ladyship.

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