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For A romantic Dinner preparation Adventure

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  • For A romantic Dinner preparation Adventure

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    You can’t, I know. We have to move. ‘Cause of that interaction alone. Oh, he’s % gonna murder us. Hey Rob. All right, so here it is, here’s the lowdown. She was good from far, but far from good. YES. She’s a little curvy for my taste, but she still ed like a champ. The only, yeah, the only, no, I definitely could have used some Instagram filters in-between the sheets. That’s such a good idea, though. Restaurants with the lighting as Instagram filters. So you can just say like, oh, I’ll meet you at Valencia at eight, and then we’ll have drinks afterwards at Hudson. Well, yeah, that may be a little saturated, but. HEY- Hi. Were you gonna? Was I gonna what? I thought, because you were standing there, you were gonna open the- Oh, get the door? Oh no, I’m sorry, I don’t do that. Would have been a nice gesture. How long have you been an Uber driver? Like a year. Oh, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. Mm-hmm, yeah. Yeah. What’d you do before that? Before you were an Uber driver, what’d you do? I was a writer. Oh, crazy. I’m single. ‘ Hmm? I’m single. That’s crazy. Hi. HEY- How was work? It was good. Somebody left their iPad in the back seat. Score. You gonna return it? Well, I couldn’t really get in it. It’s pword protected. But I don’t know. I was thinking maybe you could keep it, walk around with it and make it look like you have a job. Oh my god, this in’ drip. I have a job. Yeah, no, I know. I just meant one where, you know, you might have to wear pants. Fair enough. Hey, did you finish your logo? Yeah, all done. Really? And I was thinking, maybe to celebrate Oh, do you wanna? ? No. No, I was thinking maybe we could order Papa Johns, maybe jam out Jem and the Holograms style. Oh okay, yeah. Oh yeah. I just, I wasn’t really in the mood to . Yeah. The sensation I get from and the sensation I get from eating pizza, it’s like, interchangeable for me at this point. WOW, okay’ Okay, let’s just, can we just take the pressure off a little bit? Can I have some ranch? Okay. Yeah, there we go. Oh ho-ho-ho. That’s a sweet bite. That’s the Tom Petty bite.

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