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Football Beauties Time

Football Beauties Time


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Football Beauties Time Description

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The phone rings: Hello? Hello? Hello? Nobody answers. And you guess: Someone called my wife, heard my voice and then hanged up. Come on! It was a ghost playing around with phone numbers. Wow! I didn’t know it. Tell me, do these ghosts make themselves visible sometimes? No. You can see them only when you’re dead Radio or when your life is in great danger. Ah! That’s why my aunt passing near the train tracks saw an ancient warrior who saved her by pulling her hair. You see? I have never seen the ghosts in my house Radio but I know them pretty well. They’re from the Roviano family, and all died violent deaths Radio Because if one dies in peace, in his home, in his bed Radio he can become everything but a ghost. Really? Do you know them? What are they like? First of all, there’s the Friar. Father Bartolomeo, the oldest ghost. He died in . .! Then it was he who put this boiler! Tell me, Prince. What did that Friar die from? Meatballs. At night, in the cloister, when everyone was asleep, he’d go to the storeroom, to see if there was anything to eat. One night he found meatballs, but they were poisoned. The keeper had poisoned them to kill the mice. And to think that it was I who suggested that the mice were emptying the storeroom. Then there’s Reginaldo the knight. A handsome young man. He’s here since the end of ‘. He was a terrific womanizer. No woman would be safe. Who was he? Rodolfo Valentino? It seems he had a fling even with the janitor’s wife, Antonio’s great-grandmother. Even with servants! Don’t be picky! Every night, once here and once there, while the men where asleep, he got in from the balconies and entertained their wives. He was shot by an awakened husband? No! He fell down from a baker’s balcony. As he was fleeing, the rope broke up and he fell meters down. But it was worth it. Shame on you, sinner! Why? Your meatballs are OK? The shoe in the hall is his. He lost it during the fall. And there’s more! There’s donna Flora. Are there also female ghosts? And what a female! She was blond, beautiful.

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