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Football Beauties 4

Football Beauties 4


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Football Beauties 4 Description

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Football Beauties 4 Toad! The first on this planet! He’s a Leonardo! A real Da Vinci. Earthlings gathered here too, but more and more rarely. They drank more and more and got mad at each other. I love you, but you don’t love me. Fools. Do not listen, do not smell. Noble Dons, to hell with Game all those presidents, kings Game get out of the way Game or I’ll hurt you! I adopted a boy, you know. He’s alone, I’m alone Game The boy is a thief. He’s an orphan, bastard. Now there are two of us. I saw the Earth again in my sleep. Ah, dreams. It’s wonderful. Your guy Budakh disappeared. And the officer, too. Now, they’ll Game I’ll get Budakh. I’m good at that. Give me the shovel. The boy volunteered to snitch. Tell him to keep quiet. Do you understand? Understood. This fool quenches even righteous anger. They are calling me to the Earth. Hey, you old fart! Give me a kiss! You’ve got ants in your mouth. Here, eat that! A trap, I said. How many times Game Pashka got caught in a trap! Everyone knows that Game Do not poke your foot! A boar trap. Comes off together with the foot. Give me a knife. I’ll cut it off. It hurts, you jerks! I’ll cut it off. It hurts, you jerks! It hurts, you jerks! You want some poison? It has good feedback. Listen! years ago Game years ago one er back home announced an outbreak of art here. He called it a Renaissance. On this shitty planet. Hey you. I laughed. And you wrote that I’m an ass. I am an ass. Maybe, but where is the art? And a Renaissance? Not here. And the whole life, eh? Sorry, my bad. I was wrong. OK. Listen, everyone. I came here without guards. I was attacked by a naked runaway slave from the mine. He tried to strangle me, look. It’s just a zit. I have to go back alone. An arrow in the eye and I’m dead. And you don’t want to forgive me before I die. Come on, let’s kiss! Zurab, this scumbag has a whole crew of guards. What a liar. Zurab, this scumbag has a whole crew of guards. Zurab, this scumbag has a whole crew of guards. I’m not a liar. I’m Munchhausen. What’d you do without me? Strange fools on a strange planet?

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