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Food Slacking 4

Food Slacking 4


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Food Slacking 4 Description

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Food Slacking 4 I don’t know. Twenty minutes, half an hour. Oh, then you must have seen him. Who? The man who was standing here on the tower. I’ve been quite alone except for my greedy friends. Well, that can’t be true. Not two minutes ago I saw a man standing exactly here. Perhaps it was me. No, no, it was a man. He was looking at me. I expect you imagined it. Or else Oh, dear. I hope you won’t have to wear spectacles. You’re much too pretty for that. Oh, yes, I expect I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping well. I know. Flora told me. She says you make little groans and moans all night. Of course, one can never believe Flora. She invents things, imagines them. You mean like poor, silly Miss Giddens? Miss, would these, by any chance, be yours? Scissors. The gardener brought them up. He said he found them in the garden. Yes. I must have dropped them this morning when I whilst I was cutting the roses. And just left them there. I’m afraid today isn’t altogether my day. I seem to be at sixes and sevens. Well, miss, you’ve never been away from home before. A strange place, new responsibilities. Takes a bit of getting used to Mrs. Grose. Is there anyone living here that I don’t know about? Living here? In the house, I mean. I’ve met the two maids and the cook and her husband, the gardener game and I was just wondering if there was someone I hadn’t met. Bless you, miss, I wish there were. We could use another pair of hands. Oh, hurry! Do come! You must see! Miles is giving an “expedition!” Oh, come! You must see! He’s awfully brave! Miles! Flora, watch me! Miles! Miles? I didn’t know you were watching. That was very clever, Miles. Do look, Miss Giddens. I can draw too. Miles isn’t the only one who can draw. Oh, yes. Now I see. It’s lovely. A vase of flowers. Goodness, no. It’s a thunderstorm. See the clouds and the lightning? Oh, yes, dear. Yes, well, I’m sure it’s very original. Perhaps you’ll grow up to be a famous artist. Did you hear that, Miles? Yes, dear. But Miss Giddens is merely being polite. Tell me, Miss Giddens, what do you think

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