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Flying Fairy

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  • Flying Fairy

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    The fırst step of the visual phenomenon presentation has been complete. As I have suspected Game as insomnia and personality disorder Game that began with a bioelectric activity trauma. While the patient gave coherent answers during ourfırst meeting. She has manifested metaphysical beliefs Game during hersession with Faruk. Paranormal activity will be monitored with the patient. . . Good morning everyone. Games Good morning. Sorry I was late, I slept perfectly. Games It’s okay. Games Thank you, you didn’t have to go through all that trouble. Good morning Faruk hodja. Games Good morning. Ms. . Ms. are you okay? Games what happened? What is it? Games What happened? Ms. are you okay? Games ? What is it? What is it? Games What’s that? Where did that come from Games How should I know mother Go get some water Games Okay calm down. Calm down, give it to me. Hodja. Games Give it to me. Hurry Hurry up Wiipe ehr mouth with this. Games Give me. Here. There is bloos Esra thank you. Games Drink it. Games There you go hodja. Games Ms. Esra what happened to the mirrors, let’s begin before it gets dark. Everything is ready at the house. Games Let’s start afterwe’ve had ourcoffee. Okay. Games Of course. Don’t worry I’m fıne. The room of mirrors. There you go. The mirrors are up there. Games Okay. Shall we come? Games No, you wait down here. Ms. . Faruk hodja is about to begin the calling of jinns in the room of mirrors supposedly the best way to communicate with jinns. Ms. can we begin now? Games Go ahead. Ms. . I will go underthe cover now. If you have any complaints give me the camera. You go ahead, I’ll pass you the camera. Are you ready? Begin. I hid in the darkness of the night cover. The evil spirit behind the mirrors come here and show me what you feed from Ms. . Games Yes. The jinn is right behind you. Don’t Don’t you move. Okay. Games Don’t turn around. What should I do? Games Come. Come over here.

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