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Flowers Princess

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    get on with their work I don’t want to see any backs to me shouldn’t be anybody turning round, Tony do you hear aswell? get on with your work in front Tony! don’t turn around again Education is just a thing to say Dress Up Games “My son is higher than him” or “My son had a better background than him” I mean Dress Up Games I’m as good or even better than most of those people especially on this program on the trailer you’ll think “oh the Eastend boy, he ain’t got a good education” but all of a sudden the Eastend boys got a car, motorbike and goes to Spain every year and whatever and have I worked for it? no I’m here putting bets on and you think “how does he do it?” and there’s a boy, who is he? he’s studying to be a professor he’s making up things they’re mainly education, there’s no education in this world it’s just one big rat Dress Up Games race and you’ve got to kill your man next to you to get in front of him when I said there’s no education, yes there is I made a grave mistake in saying that but I didn’t mean to say there’s no education as far as academically yes there is the area, the environment and education makes a person have more opportunities in this world you know what I mean, that’s obvious! Lets talk about the kids do you want for them what you had yourself in terms of schooling and everything Are you talking about my childhood five years old upwards to seven, eight, nine I had no money, my father had no money and I had my brothers clothes for ten years his old clothes were going on my arms with holes in them! I never had any opprtunities to better myself ’cause I was a kid I never knew any better and my mum and dad, my dads got ill health and couldn’t work I’m not making a violin story out of this but that’s the way it was and I’m more stronger it happened that way, I’m a more stronger person I appreciate things more now and now I’m in a position, through my job to give my kids this life I never had, like lovely clothes, I got to holidays, Portugal, Spain, hopefully America

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