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Flowers Cute Princess

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    How might I help you, sir? Ms. Clara Worthy, is she around? Is this the right address? Elizabeth Avenue, right? Yes it is. Do you know a Ms. Clara Worthy? Well, I better. Clara is my younger sister. I’m Ms. Helen Worthy. Wonderful. Pleased to meet you. I love your garden, it’s very beautiful. Why, thank you. And is your sister here? No, sir. You just missed her. Clara’s gone on up to Jackson, Mississippi, visit our parents. You’re kidding. Yeah. She left last night. I have cousins in Jackson. Do you? I do. We might be kin. Could be. Could be. Listen, could you give your sister a message for me please? Well, that’s gonna depend on the message. Right. “Red, White, and Blue Insurance Company?” We got word in the home office that your sister has a young son. A teenager by the name of Homer Worthy. I came to tell your sister that she really should game Consider taking out a life insurance policy on Homer. Because I’m sure you know that young, black, boys on the South-side are game More than likely to be shot and or killed. And so the Red, White and Blue Insurance Company is hoping to help a single mother like your sister in case of a tragedy because, of course, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry game Mr. Burnsmorrow, whatever your name is game Morrowburns. If you don’t leave here right now, right this second, you are gonna need a goddamn insurance policy your goddamn self, coming up here in my garden with this bullshit. Leave! Leave! It’s Morrowburns. Do you think I give a flying about your ed up name? Get on off the street, man! Have a nice day, ma’am. Go back up to the big house and you tell them it didn’t work. Have a nice day, ma’am. Out here trying to take advantage of your own goddamn people. If anybody’s seen or heard anything game Come on, ladies. You got children. Have any information, let us know. Save our babies! Save our babies! Back up sucker, don’t give us no smack! Or we’ll beat you to death with pampers, gerbers and similac. Talk that talk, but you’re going to jail. And don’t even think ’bout bail.

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