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Flower Spa Time

Flower Spa Time


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Flower Spa Time Description

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Am I right? Good heavens! Do you read tea leaves? I can tell you this much for certain. For example, the matter was no accident, but murder! But this is just terrible, Inspector. Mr Parker, would you happen to know the Mother Superior of St. Mary’s Home? Why, certainly, Inspector. She’s an extremely honest and respected woman. A woman who gives unstintingly of herself for the benefit of her fellow men, as do weall, if I may say so. Nice to hear that. I’d like to know a little more about the function of your organization. What actual use is madeof the money that comes to you from your contributors? I’d be happy to tell you. We havea group of leadingcitizens, the Welfare Minister and the Archbishopof Canterbury amongthem, on our board of overseers. The board holds a meeting every months. At these meetings we examine the number Game of contributions which have been transferred to theorganization’s Game checkingaccount. Who is allowed to draw cash from it? The Welfare Minister or the Archbishopof Canterbury, together with my cosignature. And who decides where the money goes? That’s controlled very carefully. And no one, you understand, receives Game preferential treatment. I’m pretty well filled in on details. One thing more, and then I’m gone. But of course, Inspector. Do you know Mr Gordon Stuart? Yes. He’s in London just now. Heasked me to his hotel and informed me that his daughter was his sole heiress Game and not Love and Peace. That’s just theone I mean. He’s dead. He is? I’m sorry to hear that. It’s so sudden and heseemed so Game Well, we must all diesometimes. You’reso right. It’s good that he willed all his fortune to his daughter and not to Love and Peace. How so? How so? Ah, but Inspector Game It could have been very embarrassing for us. A third millionairedies Game and leaves us his entire fortune. I wouldn’t worry. If I had thought that I wouldn’t havecome to see you. At any rate, thank you very much. Not at all, not at all. Oh, tell me Game Your secretary’s named Bird? Yes, that’s right. Then let me beas frank as yourself: Better watch him carefully.

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