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First Kiss Sweet

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  • First Kiss Sweet

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    First Kiss Sweet I Games Why? This is a multinational product, they cause damage in Africa. What have you bought? You’re destroying a continent here! David, shopping is like voting: you have to choose. Games What did I do wrong? Games Everything! Games They’re so cheap. Games Of course, slaves pick them! Put it back, can’t you live without pineapples? Games I feel a bit stupid. Games You make me feel like a teacher! Games I want some Coke. Games Either you steal Coke or you leave it. Games Will you steal it, David? Games What? Like this, take it and put it in your pocket. Let’s go. What are you doing? If I weren’t here to look out for you Game Can you see if our names are on the list, please? Games Frankino, are we on the list? Games No, you’re not. So you may as well go. Why should we go? Are we too well Games dressed? We could put our hair in plaits or paint our faces black. Are you being funny? I don’t want to argue. Games Don’t make trouble on day one. Games What do you want? It’s nothing personal, but go elsewhere. First you invite us then you beat us up? No one will beat you up if you don’t act like a pain. Games Behave. Games At least, apologize. We’re sorry about what happened and we hope you have a nice evening. See you. Games I’m going to get them. Games Don’t Game Games I know where they’re going. Games This is all we need now. Games Who the hell do you think you are? We’ve just taken this place over and don’t want to get kicked out. You know what then? You can all go to hell! Let’s go, Biri. Wait a minute. Go to the Jubilee, not to Genoa Game So Frankino left us and things started the week before Genoa. Everything started happening quickly. The center turned into a never Games ending meeting. Suddenly we were drowned in faxes, letters and phone calls, contacts with organized groups and other unknown ones. Mompracem became a workshop, a house, an aerial and a lightning shield. The countdown has started. Genoa is ready to defend itself, awaiting the eight powers. Five meter tall metal grills, held up by tubes fixed to the walls, block the road exits which lead to the red zone.

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