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First Kiss Sweet Time

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  • First Kiss Sweet Time

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    This is the security tape from the parking garage where Mike worked. whirr of tape This is Mike’s car. It never left during Ann’s murder. I also checked the tapes at the front entrance. So Mike was at work the whole time? I’m sure you’re aware that months prior to Ann’s murder, there were two seemingly random homicides. Both women were murdered in their houses. One stabbed. One strangled. Last week we made an arrest. Something completely unrelated. A guy brags to his cell mate about body count. So we gave him a DNA screening. It matched the skin found under the fingernails of victim number two. This is a copy of a traffic ticket he got on Halloween night. It fits in the window the coroner gave for the time of death. And it’s a block away from Ann’s house. We’ve got our guy. I owe you an apology. Katy, you don’t owe me anything. Please let me do this, Mike. All right, come on in. Have a seat. Can I get you, a… something to drink? No, thanks. I was so angry at you Mike. At your infidelity. Angry for Ann because she never had the chance. And I saw everything through that anger. You know, it just made sense. If Ann had found out, I don’t know if you would have worked it out or she would have left you. But, I know she would have put the kids first. I want you to forgive me, Mike. I’m sorry. Come here. Thank you. I…I want to thank you all for being here with me tonight. Somebody asked me earlier how I felt about Ann’s killer being arrested today. Truth is, I don’t know how I feel. I’d like to be happy, but, uh… I think I’m just more relieved that this man has been stopped before he could… I’d like to make a toast. To the Police Department, who I did doubt, and more importantly, to you, my friends, for standing by me through this. And in particular, to Kate and Tim, who are not just my friends, but my family. I love them both. multi slurps Though the arrest won’t bring Ann back I hope that we can at least have some closure. Let’s have a moment of silence for Ann. Are you sure wine goes with cookies?

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