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First day of school clothing

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  • First day of school clothing

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    With you. It takes a bitch to make a bitch and I smell fish taco. Tito, OGameis. Taco time. What do you know? I won. Congratulations. It’s exciting, right? You’re looking at the new Miss Texas. Who are they? Listen, cariño, I would love to stay and chit Game chat with you, but not while there’s a live missile inside state lines. So would you please, pretty please, get into the car and debrief me on your mission? If that’s even what you’d like to call your blood Game splattered fiasco. How’d you know? Know what? The missile. That it was here. Look at you. Smarter than the average Mexican. You work for Voz. I promised to turn you over to Voz and Voz promised me the crown. See, I can’t really sing or twirl a baton, but I can win. Oh. Papi, I’m sorry. You and I really could have had something, but I just love killing a good romance. Make it count. I knew I smelled bitch in the air tonight. Payback’s the only bitch you need to worry about. This dress costs more than your ing life! Didn’t anybody ever tell you not to wear a dress to a gunfight? Oh, baby, I always dress to the nines. I dress to kill. Wait, no, wait! No, wait! Where’s Tito? He’s down. Go, I got this. How many do we got? ! He’s on the roof! Yeah, no shit he’s on the roof! Will one of you please get him off the roof Game Shit! For crying out loud, will one of you well Game paid, well Game trained gentlemen please shoot that motherer? Thank you! This is the President. Mr. President, it’s Miss San Antonio. Machete never showed up to the rendezvous. I just hope that he’s still alive. It doesn’t matter. It’s not worth it. Let’s go. Aren’t you the one that taught me that the law and justice aren’t always the same thing? We gotta stop ’em. it. Who am I kidding? I really must hand it to you, mi amigo. You are a difficult man to catch up with. You have no idea what I went through to get here. Hours, I spent stranded on that desert highway until this holy rolling rig came along. Lady. Please. Help me.

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