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First Day Of Best School Clothing

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    Lunch is for wimps.” It’s from Wall Street. From the film. “İf you need a friend, get a dog.” Oh, is that the one with Leonardo DiCaprio? Er, no. Erm, so listen, Tom told me that you are a triathlete. Bert, are you ready? Yeah? Alright? Yep. Attention! Attention. A ttenzion e. Oi! Come on. Adam, thank you. Well, here we all are. I had rather hoped that our youngest daughter, Nancy, would have been here to do the speech. But, er, she’s been a little delayed. So it falls to myself game game to find a few choice words. But, I mean, seriously game game what’s left for us to say to each other after years? Take the ing recycling out. Still as foul-mouthed as the day I met her. And still as beautiful. Aw.! And although I doubt that we have another years ahead of us game Bloody hope not. game or we will ever agree game game that you can park on a double yellow line on a Sunday game But you can, actually. Whose side are you on? game or she will ever fully trust me with the big weekly shop game Not a hope in hell. game but here’s to spending game game whatever years we have left together. Aw.! Franny,“ game I am an empty shell on the beach without you. Oh, that’s good. I am a laundry disaster waiting to happen. lam an old pear game game left to soften in the fruit bowl. Oh, here she is. Nancy! So sorry I’m late. But I remembered the chocolate mousse. Oh game What is it, darling? What is it? What’s up? What’s the matter? It’s OK. Oh game Come on, tell us, what’s the matter, darling? I got a lot of big home-improvement plans. Do up my flat. I’m gonna paint my hallway. Yes, Tom said that you were a bit of an artiste. Yeah, I, you know game I dabble. No, I don’t dabble. Who am I trying to kid? I got an A in art at A level. I don’t remember what I got in my A levels. I’m kidding you. I’m not that old. I got two Bs and a C, so. No, I didn’t. I got two Cs and a B. Anyway, I passed them all, so. Well done. Thank you. Anyway, I’m so glad that you’re a fan of Six Billion People and You as well. And I’m so sorry that

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