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Fire Haired Girl

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  • Fire Haired Girl

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    Find out what the hell monsieur thinks he’s up to, would you, Jack? Monsieur! Bonjour! dress up game? dress up games? Make sure the printer’s come in one piece. I thought the GS wagon we put it on looked pretty ropey. dress up games. Thank you. I don’t think you’re going to believe this. Try me. He’s with the Michelin guide. They’re preparing a tourist handbook for the battlefields. dress up game, so this is? This is going to be a holiday destination? Apparently so. We should consider ourselves fortunate we’re among the first to have seen the sights. Yes. Did you ask him to recommend any top class restaurants in the vicinity? This is beyond parody. You couldn’t make it up. Right. Come on men. Forward march. Onwards. He’ll be put out of a job soon. Should we see if the old editorial den’s still standing? It’ll be like old times. Yes, very old times. Back when there were no buildings at all. dress up game, tell me, dress up game, how many Es in Wenceslas? As many of the little blighters as I can find, dress up games. Which, at the moment, is none. Very well. I always thought the good king was over encumbered with Es. We’re also short of paper, dress up games. We We’ve got a bumper Christmas issue to produce. I’m sure the readers will understand if the issue’s less than the advertised pages. We’ve dropped the pen in favour of the sword and gone to liberate some French villages. No, we promised our readers pages, and pages they shall have. Well, that’s all well and good, dress up games, but it doesn’t get around our problem. No poo paper. If I can find something funny to say about another Christmas on the front line then I’m sure you can find some paper in Ypres, dress up game. I’ll do my best, dress up games. Thank you. I had a profitable hand of Brag with Bobbing Bobby. If this issue comes out at all it’ll be a miracle. A miracle at Christmas. This is the story of a soldier, Aldress up game Higgins, or number Private Higgins A, as he was officially known.

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