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Finding in lover

Finding in lover


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Finding in lover Description

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I worked in Ethiopia in . And then I continued throughout the Sahel, and . Finally, spend nearly two years in a row in this region doing a story about hunger. There was a refugee camp, the largest in the history of mankind so far. I had a wild desire to show that. To show that there was a large part of humanity He is living in poverty. Which it was mostly a problem of deals not just a question of natural disasters. It was a Coptic region They are Christians in northern Ethiopia, of tremendous humility. They are unable, even with a child about to die, to take the lead of others. They prefer to wait. Look at the state are. In that state, one does not stand long. In those fields hunger killed many lives. Causes physical discomfort, but other diseases that they kill. If we take the anger, we become dehydrated quickly. We can lose up to liters of fluid a day due to diarrhea and die in two or three days. So young faces and so aged by suffering. If you look at the front, it is not elderly, it has aged are the eyes, which are empty. Look how young he is. Look at your baby. He was her husband. During the night because of the cold, many deaths they occur. Dying here is like a continuation of life. People get used to die. A husband to his wife washed before burial. With mountain clothes, dressed in goatskins. A pretty young woman. According to Coptic beliefs, the body must be clean for the encounter with God. It should be washed, wash it all although water is scarce. Every person killed is a piece of the world that dies. A father prepares his son for burial, to say the last goodbye. Usually it is the family that prepares its dead. And know that the government retains food, not allowed to reach the population as happened there, in that field in northern Ethiopia game It was a brutal political dishonesty. Ethiopia Tigray Region, I returned to Ethiopia in late . By then, the guerrillas realized that the government was plundering the region. They began to send people to Sudan. They went through the region of Tigray. There was

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