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Finding in lover Time

Finding in lover Time


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Finding in lover Time Description

Finding in lover Time, Finding in lover Time Games, Play Finding in lover Time Games

Your discussion was that good! You want us to take your head? What’s this sir? Have you become their covert? What to do? l got angry seeing them beating you. Later l got scared. Then l was astonished. l feel pity seeing you. My fate! Why are you like a dressed chicken? How long were you here? Just now an hour back. So, you’ve seen the entire scene. l didn’t see anything, you going inside and falling on their feet, and they kicking you, and dressing you up, l didn’t see anything sir. So, you’ve seen everything. You’ll not tell anyone about this, right? lf l don’t you may feel bad, right? Have you decided like that? l think you requested for leave, right? Tomorrow would be better. Not just tomorrow, take four days off. Take it. That’s him! Who? l told you about, right? He looks like Andhra Amitabh but little comical face. Your brothers are huge but have no brains. What happened? Though i said nothing happened, they flogged me like a dog. l may need few weeks for the wounds to heal. Then they’re not my brothers. What makes you so confident? lf my brothers beat you need few months to heal not just weeks. lf they had beat you Games l’m not here to know from you, if l’m lucky or not. He said they’ll talk to your father about our marriage. With father?! She fell in love with a man and got cheated, sir. When l asked him to marry her, he refuses and tells me to go to hell. Who is he? Sl of the neighbouring police station. You want marriage or life. Marriage sir. Sir, tell me sir. l must see fear of death in the eyes of Sl if he refuses to marry.- Okay sir. Bye sir. Durga, let’s play a game. Okay father. When you play chess, your mind should also be alert along with your hands. What happened to you? Father, l don’t know how to break the news to you. What happened? That is Games it seems someone loves sister. You’re telling me about this after killing him, right? Sir! Take the vehicle. l did go to kill him, father. But l came to know sister too loves him. l wanted to celebrate her marriage so grandly to rock entire district.

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