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Finding holidays

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  • Finding holidays

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    Finding holidays Description

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    Finding holidays Our products are your beautiful smile and charming looks! Let’s check this makeup and quickly do our scene. Yes, and are you allergic to chocolate? Wait a minute. My husband told me that a little boy would be waiting for me here Game A classical fairytale little boy! Oh, I’m sorry Game My husband bought a traveling bag from you. He said a little boy would be waiting here Game So you’re not from the actors agency? You want the bag replaced? Are you a customer? Oh, my God Game The administration’s office is over there. Where is that actress? I saw you in my dream last night. Senior floor walker please come to the director. Here we go again Game Come to the director! Damn it all! I have come for the boy. Where is he? What boy? The boy that was left in your charge. An orphan. You were paid for him. I wasn’t paid anything for anybody. I passed the senior floor walker’s directions on to the my relief. I thought he understood. Well, maybe he didn’t. Some people are not as quick on the uptake as the others. Really? Oh, my God. Why should it happen over and over again? Where is the boy? I don’t know. What boy? There are thousands of them here. A shameless bitch Game You’ve got the wrong person, lady. I don’t know your name Game It may all seem so very easy if you don’t want to go into details. Where is the household goods department? It’s upstairs. The third, no, the fourth floor. Since I’m here, I’ll go and buy some Christmas presents for Dusia and Tosia. I always forget about them. I always do. The enormity of space Game And so many of us. Us people. Myriads of people. Myriads of stars. My God Game This is Wind Chill Street Game Hungry Spasm Square Game Merciless Winter House. Was there ever any boy at all? Maybe he wasn’t? Plus minus one boy. I think I want a girl. The Bitter Separation Game You know this song? They’ll never separate us until death do us part. Angel boy! Uspensky Lane. What’s your name? Igor. I have a son like you. His name is Nikita. He has a perfect ear for music Game But I haven’t seen him for a long time. Long long time.

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