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Finding holidays Time

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  • Finding holidays Time

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    Games he’d send a regiment after me. I wouldn’t make it to the city limits. Tom and you? You’re not what you’re supposed to be. Who is? Then why did you come here tonight? Many reasons. Mainly because you were his girl. Only now, I find out you’re not. If I could manage something for you, would you be willing to go anywhere? Anywhere. There’s a chance. Just a chance. Then you will try? Yes, I’ll try. Kelly, I think we ought to drink to that. I think we should. I promised a friend that Games Games this might take all night. I wouldn’t make a liar out of you for anything in the world. Now, the main thing to remember is that Games Games cattle are like women. Sometimes you have to be firm. Sometimes you have to be gentle. And sometimes you have to give them a slap on the rump. Your pistol, captain. Now that’s just a reminder that the sound of gunfire spooks cattle. A sound that’s practically guaranteed on our venture. All right, now start singing, captain. That’s right. Sing. Music’s the best medicine for scared animals. Now, look here. The man said sing! Yes, sir! Loud and clear! I wish I was in the land of cotton. You, Hatcher, out there and sing. For the want of one voice, the battle could be lost. Sing. Damn it, sing! Colonel. You know, I keep wondering why you came back to us Games Games after slipping away from Hatcher. I have a commitment. Don’t suppose you’d care to say where you went. Not yet. Morning, sir. Morning. Developing a new weapon, Tom? Trying to scare the Yanks to death? His idea. I hope those wailing banshees are ready. They’re ready. We move tonight, on schedule. I know your opinion, I want his. What about it? Can the men manage the herd? If he would keep after them so that the men sing on key Games You’re beginning to annoy me, Mr. Kelly. To the point of refusing my services? Mr. Kelly, I’d give you the Richmond symphony Games Games if they weren’t already in the army. Polish up your contralto, Tom Games Games and I’ll notify General Lee you’re set to go. Carry on. I’m going back to town.

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