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Figure Boy

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  • Figure Boy

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    Figure Boy Description

    Games Who were you talking to? I lost my job. Elliot, Sara! Come on, we’re going. Emily, wait! Games Can I get this? Games No. No one’s getting anything. Put it back. Elliot, you too. Wait, Em. What about the fireworks? I’ve seen enough for one day. This vacation’s over. Games How ’bout just this? Games No. Elliot, you wanna go on Spaceship Earth? Games Elliot, what’s wrong? Games He doesn’t trust you. Games Not that I blame him. Games That boy has one! I don’t care. Hey, Sara. Lemme take Sara. Games No, you’re drunk. Games No, I’m not. Games But I really want it! Games Goddammit Sara! I said put it back! No! God! Oh my God. JustDress Up Game just take her. It’s okay, honey. Mommy didn’t mean that. Mommy didn’t mean that, sweetieDress Up Game it’s okay. Don’t cry baby. It’s all right. Mommy didn’t mean that. It’s okay. She didn’tDress Up Game She doesn’t usually act like that. Come on. Mommy didn’t mean to do that, honey. She’s didn’t mean to do that. She just got angry, okay? Look at me. There you go. Jim. Where are you, Jim? I’ve been waiting for you. I have something to tell you, Jim. Soon, Jim. You’ll be mine. You’ll be all mine. Holy crap! Come with us. You speak English? PleaseDress Up Game come. No. You won’t? I can’t. Why not? Well, I’m afraid that if I come with youDress Up Game Dress Up Gamesomething bad is gonna happen. But if you don’t, something will. No, I’m sorry. You must come. No, IDress Up Game No. You are sure of this? Yeah. Then, I am sorry too. For what? Sara. Sara? Sara! Sara! Hey! Hey! Jim White? Yeah? What are you doing?

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